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【Shopify开店教程】 2.3.2 店铺基本设置 2Checkout信用卡收款设置


  UPDATE on 2017.06.27  


Thank you for selecting 2Checkout as your payment provider. My name is Alex, and I am your account executive. I have reviewed your account profile and determined I need a few more things before I can activate your account. At your earliest convenience, please complete the following item(s):
AliExpress/Drop-Shipping Agreement: We need two (2) pieces of information from you:
Please provide copies of your last 90 days payment processing/paid sales history.
If you are not a sole trader or individual proprietor, please submit your business registration document.
Please do not send .csv or .xls files as they cannot be accepted by our compliance team.
*If you are not a drop-shipper, please provide paperwork showing your itemized purchased inventory including your supplier’s information.
When you have addressed the above item(s), please respond to this email, and I will be happy to activate your account. If you have any questions, please contact me at 。。。


一,如果你是使用Oberlo从Aliexpress导入产品到Shopify进行 Drop Shipping销售模式的,需要提供

  • 文件1. 最近90天的销售流水的(截图)记录
  • 文件2. 如果你是公司经验的Shopify,请提供营业执照信息,个人用户请忽略


相比较于Paypal来说,信用卡在国外有着更加广泛的用户基础,信用卡付款流程也更加的简便,用户体验更好,坊间流传 “Only 1 in 5 people choose to checkout with PayPal. Given the option between checking out with PayPal or simply paying with a credit card, about 80% of people choose to pay with their credit card”。不好的地方是相比较于Paypal,信用卡收款通道在国内会有诸多限制而导致大部分都无法使用,可以使用的,费率也比Paypal高出很多。但是不管怎么着,多一个收款通道,给用户多一个选择,购物车的转化率就会高一些。这里有一篇英文文章详细的对比了一下Paypal和Credit Cards两种收款方式的优劣,感兴趣可以细致的读一下上一篇Shopify注册开店教程中大致讲了下Shopify通过Paypal收款的设置,本篇承接一篇文章来说下Shopify的信用卡收款。主要是2Checkout信用卡收款通道的设置。