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Shopify Wholesale 服务



闲逛中,发现了一个Shopify的另外一个服务 – Shopify Wholesale – 速速围观 – 点击链接地址wholesale.shopify.com

Shopify’s wholesale product search is the easiest way to connect business owners with wholesale suppliers. Simply enter the type of product you’re looking for, select the one you like, and we will provide the wholesaler with your information.

这个Shopify子站点是为在Shopify上开店的卖家服务的,Shopify卖家可以通过Wholesale服务找到供丰富多样的产品,进行销售。简单来说,这个平台类似于淘宝分销平台,是联系零售卖家和工厂(供应商)的一个纽带 继续阅读》》》